Com-Ware Publishing Ltd.

Our company was founded in 1990 in Budapest, Hungary.
We were mainly publishing magazines, CDs and DVDs in connection with information technology in early '90s.

After the millenium we started to deal with Internet issues like content providing and developing for example for 5 years we were developing and maintaining the Telecommunication magazine (Telebox) for one of the main commercial TV channels of Hungary (TV2).

During the last 5 years we have been busy with information technology developing with our subcontractor partner company (Webgeneral Technology Ltd.).

Design, Prepress

Our company has a 25-year history in graphic designing, and shipping brochures, folders, books, magazines and Business Cards mainly in the European countries.

Offset Printing

Our company has a 25-year history in producing (Offset Printing), die-cutting, special finishing & several assembly processing with our subcontractor partner company (EPC Ltd.).

IT Development

We have already developed complex recruiting & training systems in connection with business building and duplication for several Network Marketing companies.

의견, 경험 (

우리와 공유하십시오! 귀하의 의견은 우리에게 중요합니다!
우리는 내 시스템 사용 경험에 대해 정말로 듣고 싶습니다.

Gabriela Streit (OneLife)

"Dear Team! I received my business cards today and I'm delighted with them! They're far better..."


Tatyana Alpatova (DoTerra)

"Hi guys! I received my cards yesterday and would like to thank you for the prompt service..."


Julianna Pásztor (Morinda)

"Dear Com-Ware Ltd.! Many thanks for your excellent service! My cards arrived yesterday..."


Claudia Böhm (HLBS Network)

"Your user-friendly website is good fun to work with and it's terrific to be able to see my cards..."


Sabrina Schulz (Kannaway)

"Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I received the business cards. They are great..."


Jessica Girelli (Rain)

"Ciao!!! Have just received the cards... they are way above my expectations! Well done..."


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의견, 경험 (SmartNetworking System)

우리와 공유하십시오! 귀하의 의견은 우리에게 중요합니다!
우리는 내 시스템 사용 경험에 대해 정말로 듣고 싶습니다.

Franz Roither (LikesXL / XPRO)

"I was very delighted to be amongst the first people to test the SmartNetworking system. As for me the system..."


Dmitry Ushakov (QW Lianora Swiss)

"I've only been an "observer" in these past 3-4 years. I've been introduced to this system by a friend..."


Wei Lin Chua (Bitqyck)

"I began using this system, and my downline has EXPLODED! Your system immediately added 27 solid new members..."


Zamil Toyo (Bitclub Network)

"Wow! What a remarkable system! I'm now having a new person joining my team about every 24 hours..."


Alexandru Popescu (WorldVentures)

"I recently joined, and began using your system. I started getting good feedback almost instantly..."


Karina Nilsen (Valentus)

"I wanted to let you know what a life changing experience it was using your services. This has been one of..."


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